shunchang wire Co., Ltd.The definition and advantages of environmental protection electronic line

What is the environmental protection electronic line? Environmental protection electronic line is the extension of the electronic line, is in line with the EU ROHS environmental protection requirements of the electronic line, is generally used in weak engineering, such as electronics, electrical equipment, such as internal wiring.

What is the use of environmentally friendly electronic line Shenzhen where the production of environmentally friendly electronic line Shenzhen electronic line manufacturers which electronic line manufacturers introduce the benefits of environmental protection electronic lines are the following:

One.Halogen free:

Take the green jacket and insulation layer, oxygen barrier layer special material, not only has excellent physical and mechanical, motor function, and ensure the product free of halogen, the burning of "two pollution", avoid carcinogenic "two evil" materials occurred in traditional PVC wire burning.

Two. High flame retardant:

Environmental protection electronic line to ensure its high fire conditions of the construction conditions, fire when the electronic line is not easy to burn, and to prevent the spread of fire after the fire and the expansion of the disaster.

Three. Low toxin:

No heavy metals such as lead and cadmium are harmful to the human body in the insulation and sheath, which will not pollute the soil and water when it is used and discarded. And after a rigorous toxicity attempt, in an attempt to rats under the provisions of the premise of All is well.

Four. No corrosive air:

Take the new special coating material and has no pollution to the environment, production, utilization and incineration process does not occur when the HCl toxic air emissions, acid gas less, for personnel and equipment, equipment damage is small, more environmentally friendly features.

Five. Waterproof, anti ultraviolet:

Taking the green environmental protection information with the layout of the ordinary elements to ensure the super low water absorption rate. Unlike ordinary UV absorbers, the product has excellent UV protection. Ensure the safety of the use of such products, delay the use of life. The first to launch a "green electronic line" name is a Japanese enterprise, the product scale is FN (ecomaterial) electronic line scale, the western countries in the UK have developed a scale environmental electronic line leading to the whole world in the future, gradually stretch.

Six. High transmittance:

The smoke from the burning of the electronic wire is extremely thin, which is beneficial to the evacuation and fire fighting of the personnel. The transmittance of the product is more than 40%, which is much higher than that of the traditional flame retardant electronic wire less than 20%.