Summary of the current status and market trends of electronic wire industry in 2015

As the country's second largest producer of wire and cable industry, in the past two years, real estate and traditional industries to accelerate the speed of the shuffle stage, the market turmoil. The cable includes fiber optic cable, communication cable, electronic cable and electronic wire four categories of products, and as a branch of wire and cable industry, electronic wire enterprises with domestic demand for electronic products such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and this year increased, the country's foreign trade policy dividend release, let more enterprises find the electronic wire business opportunities and development prospects.

What is electronic wire

Electronic wire is generally used for the weak project, such as electronics, electrical equipment internal wiring, external link line, such as power line, common electronic wire, cable, USB cable, telephone lines, transmission line monitoring, terminal line, audio line, HDMI line, fire line and so on. Electronic wire is the basic equipment for the transmission of electric energy, the transmission of information and the manufacture of various kinds of motors, electric appliances and instruments. It is vividly metaphor: electricity is the blood of the national economy, and electronic wire transmission of blood vessels and nerves.

Current situation of electronic wire rod

Electronic wire is an important branch of electronic components, and its application is mainly characterized by information transmission. In recent years, China's electronic wire industry has made rapid development, the scale of the industry has been in the forefront of the world, the overall level of the product has been close to the international advanced level. Electronic wire industry is one of the most active fields in the electronic components industry.

At present, China's electronic wire industry has gone through more than and 20 years, has made considerable progress, but still not out of the big but not strong, and the world's largest enterprises still have a big gap. The industry concentration is low, the number of enterprises and small scale, economies of scale is not enough, lack of independent innovation capability and product structural contradictions and other problems, the industry basically monopolized by large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises have lowered the price of Lu mou. In most of the small and medium-sized enterprises, most of them have some difficulties in employment, which leads to the development of diamond industry in china.

The number and distribution of electronic wire

Wire enterprises in China mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta region, after several years of market reshuffle, the current focus on electronic wire processing enterprise is about more than 70 thousand, count the number of non main production wire appliance enterprises and small workshops, factories, the number of enterprises will be more than 100 thousand. Relying on the advantages of geographical trade, the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta enterprises, more than 1/3 of the enterprises involved in foreign trade market, while the small wire, power lines, electrical wiring, etc., is the main export trade products.

The Pearl River Delta region, electronic wire mainly concentrated in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Zhongshan three places, the number of enterprises will occupy 80% of the Pearl River Delta, especially in Shenzhen, the government support in the affected areas and advantages of market environment, enterprise development is rapid. The Yangtze River Delta region, mainly concentrated in: Suzhou, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shanghai, four, the most typical is that the Ningbo area to the electrical wiring, power lines, etc..

According to the cable network recruitment in recent years to participate in the exhibition of the situation, the number of enterprises involved in the wire increased, and the product is more abundant and complete, more and more enterprises choose to go abroad, to the development in South Asia, Middle East, southern Europe and other regions, the data are as follows

By the end of 2014, Ningbo cable exhibition, exhibitors 203, wire production and processing enterprises accounted for 18%;

2015 Canton Fair, to participate in more than and 160 enterprises in the enterprise, wire and cable manufacturing enterprises in more than and 30, wire processing enterprises in more than and 50, wire accessories and peripheral products about 80;

May 2015 Dongguan UL exhibition, exhibitors 150 enterprises, the actual cable products enterprises about 40, of which more than 30 companies are doing electronic wire;

June 2015 Guangzhou exhibition, 318 exhibitors, the actual cable products business of about more than and 80, wire rod enterprises accounted for 60%

Market trends of electronic wire

1, at present, which product enterprise production more?

The main products include more production enterprises plug line, USB cable, audio cable, wire, cable, electronic charge line, the life of wire products in great demand, so many enterprises in the products, but also because the demand of this kind of products is not high technology, market competition, quality control not strictly and other factors, resulting in serious homogenization, prices, profits down product standard marginalization, seize a large share of large enterprises, small enterprises become difficult dimension phenomenon is obvious, the market reshuffle, out of such a small easy go on the edge of Qi Yerong.

2, what products will be a hot market in the future?

Energy (energy), health care, environmental protection, fire safety, new electronic products, high temperature wear resistance and other related wire products, valued in the future market, now many of these products in China manufacturers, with the increase of new product demand, I believe it will bring good profit to the enterprise market as soon as possible.

3, is OEM or independent brand? Is the choice of foreign trade or electricity supplier road?

Is OEM or independent brand?

The domestic OEM market has to mature, to discuss this topic is meaningless, OEM enterprise, more and more to the "vulnerable groups", because the domestic R & D personnel and management awareness of the lack of domestic brands, caused the road to go slow, compared with the international market