Computer numerical control machine tool is a kind of automatic machine tool with program control system. The control system is capable of processing a program that is provided with a control code or other symbolic instruction, and decoding it so as to enable the machine to move and process the parts. English referred to as CNC, also known as CNC machine tools, CNC lathe, Hongkong and Guangdong in the Pearl River Delta area known as the computer gongs.

It has high processing precision, stable machining quality;

It can be multi axis linkage, to the processing of complex shape parts;

The processing of parts is changed, generally only need to change the NC program can save preparation time;

] machine with high precision, high rigidity, favorable processing amount, high productivity (usually 3 ~ 5 times of the ordinary machine);

- the machine has high degree of automation, can reduce labor intensity;

To the operators of higher quality, higher demands for technical maintenance personnel.

CNC lathe is mainly used for processing large parts, including the boring processing outside the circle, car, plane etc.. You can write a program, suitable for mass production, the production process of the high degree of automation.

Punch press is a stamping press. In the national production, stamping process due to is material and energy saving than the traditional mechanical processing, high efficiency, operator skill requirements is not high, and through a variety of mold can be used to make products processing machinery can not achieve these advantages, so its application is more and more widely pan.

The stamping production is mainly aimed at the plate. Through the mold, can make blanking, punching, forming, drawing, trimming, fine blanking, shaping, riveting and extrusion parts, and so on, widely used in various fields. If the switch socket, we use the cups, plates, cupboard, computer chassis, aircraft or missiles...... There are a lot of accessories can be produced by using punch through the mold.

This is the most common type. The mold clamping part and the injection part are in the same horizontal center line, and the mould is opened along the horizontal direction. Its features are: the body is short, easy to operate and maintenance; the center of gravity of the machine is low, the installation is relatively stable; the product can be automatically dropped after the use of gravity, easy to realize automatic operation. The disadvantages are: the mold installation is more trouble, the embedded pieces of the mold have been published, such as tilt or fall, the machine tool covers an area of large. At present, the injection molding machine on the market more use of this type

Horizontal injection molding machine: the characteristics of the horizontal injection molding machine:

1, that is, because of the low height of the mainframe, for the placement of the plant without a high limit.

2, the product can automatically fall off the occasion, do not need to use the mechanical hand can also realize automatic molding.

3, due to low body, easy feeding, easy maintenance.

4, the mold must be installed through the crane.

5, with a number of parallel arrangement, the shape of products easily collected by the conveyor belt